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General Information


Kastamonu School of Physical Education and Sports was founded under Gazi University in 1993-1994 academic year. It was in 1996-1997 academic year that the first students got their degrees as the first graduates of the faculty. The school was joined to Kastamonu University on 17th March 2006.


To train qualified physical education and sports teachers and trainers

Employment Opportunities

After graduation, our graduates can be employed in state and private schools as physical education and sports teachers or they can be trainers in the sports field that they have specialized in, or can work as a member of staff at universities.

During their university education, the students can pursue their active sports lives both in national and international sports teams. Besides, they have a chance to be involved in sports teaching by taking part in activities as a referee or trainer of a club or a school in Kastamonu.

Since our foundation, most of our 359 graduates have been working as physical education and sports teachers, trainers, and academicians.


Our school is situated in Kuzeykent Campus. The school has the facilities of one multi-purpose sports hall, a football field, an open basketball and volleyball field and a tennis court. Besides, classrooms, laboratories and social facilities are in common use. All sports facilities belonging to Directorate of Youth and Sport as well as the ski center in Ilgaz Mountain are open to the use of our students.

Academic and Administrative Staff

The school employs 13 academic staff; 9 Instructors PH.D., 3 Instructors and 1 research assistants.

Number of Students

There are 200 graduate students (78 females and 122 males) enrolled in the School of Physical Education and Sports. The school accepts about 50 students a year.

Requirements for Enrollment

  • Being a high school or vocational school graduate;
  • Getting the minimum score in the university entrance exam required to enroll in the program and taking and passing the special talents exam;