Purpose:  Physical education and sports teaching department; To improve the quality of life of the city, region, country and the world; to provide and disseminate universal knowledge through training, research and projects for sports sciences; to contribute to the education of healthy people with sportive and social purposes; to support society to turn sport into a way of life; to mediate the development of sportive skills is among the main objectives of the faculty.

Program Language:  Turkish

Program Description:  Physical education and sports teaching department, which will contribute to the development of sports across the country to understand the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary structure of sports science, equipped with professional knowledge and skills, scientific and technological developments can follow, these developments can be applied in the field of physical education and sports teachers are trained. The curriculum focuses on general culture, teaching knowledge and knowledge of the field, and studies are being carried out on the innovative approaches and practices for preparing the prospective teachers for the teaching profession. The pedagogical laboratory and prospective teachers find the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge based on the scientific foundations they have learned with practice.

Admission and Registration Requirements: There are 80 student quota for special talent exam to be placed in our department every year  .

Graduation Requirements: To have successfully completed at least 240 ECTS credits as a result of 8 semesters.

Academic staff:In the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching, there are 3 faculty members, 4 lecturers and 1 research assistant.

Employment Opportunities: The  individuals who graduated from the program are physical education teachers in the schools of Ministry of National Education, pre-school, primary and secondary education levels. take part in the organization and implementation of the organized activities. 

Graduate Education:  Application for opening a graduate program in the department of Physical Education and Sport Education was realized.

Mission: To provide  a modern physical education and sports education based on Atatürk's principles and revolutions in the light of universal values, respecting human rights, benefiting from science and technology and having original and aesthetic values The aim of this course is to educate the individuals who aim to love and to use the information obtained by examining human movement in different dimensions and to use it for research and service purposes and to spread it to the society.

Vision:   To educate leaders and entrepreneurs in the field and in society by raising the national and international scientific research quality, working in coordination with their stakeholders and working in coordination with their stakeholders in order to grow and spread the active and healthy individuals.