Objective:  The main objective of the Kastamonu University Sports Management Undergraduate Program is to provide education through a carefully designed sports management curriculum that examines the foundations of sport management and organizational philosophy.The program aims to provide students with a strong foundation in management knowledge and professional skills to prepare students for the demands of the business world and the global sports industry.

The sport management program has an insightful perspective on developing students with strong analytical skills, critical thinking, and communication skills. The program examines the fundamentals of sport management philosophy by integrating the student into the learning process with collaborative and practical real-world experiences. In addition, the sports management program includes activities for leadership, teamwork, professional written and oral communication skills. Graduates of the program will have business management knowledge and transferable skills and will be prepared for careers in the business and sports industries.

Program Language:  Turkish

Program Description: The  sport management program includes any combination of skills related to planning, regulation, orientation, control, budgeting, leadership and evaluation in the context of an organization or department that is related to sport or physical activity.

Admission and Registration Requirements: For the special talent exam to be placed in our department every year , 50students will be opened to the Department of Teaching and 50 students to the 2nd Education Department . 

Graduation Requirements: To have successfully completed at least 240 ECTS credits as a result of 8 semesters.

Academic Staff: There are 4 faculty members and 2 research assistants in the Department of Sports Management.

Employment Opportunities:

* To be a sports manager within the state institutions.

* To make sports management of clubs.

* Being an organization and event manager.

* To be a manager in sports enterprises.

* Being an investor within the scope of sports enterprises.

* To work in the field of sports marketing.

Mission: The  Department of Sports Management aims to educate qualified sports managers who are open to innovation, have organization and management skills, can follow the literature in the national and international scientific fields in the period they live, and are technically competent, suitable for the changes and development of the age.


To develop the sport philosophy in our country and to bring the sports understanding to everyone.

To organize national and international organizations, to participate in or participate in such organizations.

To train successful alumni preferred by employers in the ever-changing sports industry.

To train graduates with research skills and practical experiences specific to the sports management industry