Purpose: The purpose of Coaching Training is to train coaches (sports trainers) specialized in different areas of team sports or individual sports; who is committed to ethical rules, to protect the health and safety of the athlete, to be able to work multidisciplinary for the highest level of performance, to follow the scientific and technological developments in the world, to interpret the results and to implement them, to be able to perform the performance tests, talent selection and guidance. To be able to work in collaboration with the university or research units and to have qualifications. The objectives of the program are to be in harmony with the programs of similar universities in Europe and the world,

To have a dynamic structure that closely follows, criticize and adapt the trends emerging in the field of sports in the European Union and other developed countries, to provide graduates with a wide vision in this direction, to provide new career opportunities and ease of finding in our country's conditions, to improve the sporty performance by researches. The aim of the course is to provide accreditation by international studies.

Program Language:  Turkish

Program Description:  Sport, technical, tactical and tactical techniques to improve the performance of the athlete who is looking for solutions by knowing the problems of qualified, researcher, productive, sports and athletes of all levels. The aim of this course is to educate the experts who use the applications in line with the development of scientific theoretical foundations of sport in the application fields with 4 years of undergraduate education. Graduates who complete the program successfully by fulfilling all the requirements, receive a "Bachelor of Science Degree in Coaching Education" degree.

Admission and Registration Requirements: For the special talent exam to be placed in our department every year, 50 students from the 1st Education Department and 40 students from the 2nd Education Department are opened.

Graduation Requirements: To have successfully completed at least 240 ECTS credits as a result of 8 semesters.

Academic Staff: There are 5 faculty members, 4 lecturers and 2 research assistants in the Coaching Department.

Employment Opportunities:  Coaching Education Program Graduates; In all units affiliated to the General Directorate of Youth Sports (Youth Sports Provincial Directorates, Education Department, Federations, etc.) and Autonomous Federations, as a Trainer or Sports Expert, in Amateur or Professional Sports Clubs as a Trainer, Trainer or Match Analyzer at the Universities of Sport Sciences, Sport Sciences and Technology. They can work as lecturers in the schools of Physical Education and Sports. 

Mission: To educate individuals who are committed to Atatürk's principles and revolutions, to respect human rights in the light of universal principles and revolutions in the field of sports science and coaching, to benefit from science and technology, to provide a contemporary sport education with unique values, to establish sports culture, to disseminate and popularize sports. branches in the academic and social life and to contribute to the elimination of deficiencies in this field, knowledgeable and experienced, to raise researcher individuals and to raise awareness on the need for trained staff, sports branches to improve performance, health and management dimension and these developments for the benefit of the sportsman and Present, basic areas of social, commercial,is to create employment by increasing or improving treatment environments or collective practice environments.

Vision: To  be an institution that contributes to the development of the science of sports and to create a physically active and healthy society through the elements it develops in the fields of sports science and coaching and the national and international scientific studies it conducts.